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Independent EV Charging Fitter

About Us

Here at NDM Electrical Charging we are proud to be contributing to the proliferation of eco-friendly electric vehicles. We firmly believe that electric cars should, and will, become increasingly mainstream.

By opting to drive an electric car you are helping to reduce the levels of harmful air pollution that have been emitted by the exhaust emissions of traditional gas guzzlers for decades. As electrical power becomes increasingly produced from renewable sources, the environmental benefits of EVs will improve even more.

As qualified electricians, we at NDM Electrical decided to take the plunge and become pioneers in the business of supplying and installing EV charging points.

We look forward to the day when every home and workplace has the convenience of its own EV charger points available on site.

Our Supplier

We offer our clients the very best of British EV charging equipment, produced by Rolec Services at their UK factory and recognised globally as the most advanced, sophisticated EV charging equipment available.

We’re delighted to work with Rolec EV quality products, which have been specially designed to offer a range of EV charging solutions, including EV charging points for the home, commercial EV charging points and on street EV charging points.

Arranging to have your own EV charging point installed is easy. Simply give us a call, tell us what type of vehicle you have and what sort of location you need the charging point fitted in, and we’ll give you a free quotation. 

Don’t forget, Government subsidies are available to help with the cost.

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